Focusing on Our Future

This campaign, this candidate, and ultimately this representative for the 177th District of the Pennsylvania General Assembly will undertake, discuss, and champion many issues and concerns for its residents. I would like to highlight a few here, but we are actively seeking to hear from you about what you think matters most to the residents of Port Richmond, Kensington, and the Northeast. 

Please feel free to reach out through our contact link, or on any of our social media pages if you have suggestions on issues you'd like addressed by your representative in Harrisburg. I fully expect this to be an ever evolving, living document, and I invite you to check back in regularly as it grows.


Primary Issues of Concern

While there are many challenges facing the 177th District, I am going to begin this journey with discussions on several that I believe can be affected through immediate action by legislation at the state level.  

  • Gerrymandering/Districting 

  • Disenfranchisement through restrictive voter ID laws 

  • Economic equity and reproductive healthcare access for women 

  • Changes in Medicaid expansion with the pending repeal of the ACA 

  • School Funding 

  • Opioid epidemic 

  • Environmental concerns, extraction drilling, "bomb" trains going through the district